We were honored to participate in the organization of a truly special event. The invitation came no less than from the Vatican, and the task was to prepare a multi-course dinner for their delegation.

A touch of Istria in the Vatican

The task was demanding because we had to present the whole of Istria and Croatia.

We gathered a couple of local food producers and farmers like Zigante, Pisinium and Oio Vivo, which made our job a lot easier.

Top quality Istrian food

The Istrian pjat was the logical beginning of this wonderful evening. It consisted of the best salami and sausages of this beautiful region.

What would a presentation be without prosciutto. Cow’s and goat’s curds with honey, cheese with truffles and olive oil were also added.

This was followed by typical Istrian pašta with black and white truffles.

The specialty was istrian ox beef cheeks called boškarin, aged for 18 hours in a vacuum. Mashed potatoes with truffles, terano demiglace and beetroot coulis. At the end, a surprise dessert awaited the guests.

Special logistics and food storage

The food was transferred to the location by special transport. At the same time, it was necessary to take into account the storage and the fact that the food was not served immediately.

Outdoor event in the nature

The event took place in a beautiful environment with lots of greenery and natural shade.

He gathered around 30 guests, representatives of Croatia and the Vatican.

See how everything looked in a few more pictures.