We especially enjoyed this private dinner, but it was also very demanding. It is one of the largest private evenings we have organized, and it gathered as many as 45 people.

It includes the services of event organization, food preparation for dinner and catering, engagement of chefs, waiters and servers, transfers…

Demanding food preparation

We’ve done gourmet events and celebrations for much larger numbers of people, but that’s much easier to do when there’s a restaurant kitchen nearby.

Considering that location was a holiday home in a small town in Istria countryside, our famous chef has done an excellent job with a practical kitchen and a special grill that is part of our standard equipment.

Diverse menu: from meat to vegan dishes

The guests of this private dinner were from all over the world, so there had to be food as well.

It consisted of 4 courses, consisting of a hot and cold appetizer, grilled meat and fish, and dessert. The meat menu was predominant, with the fact that vegan specialties and gluten-free dishes were prepared for a significant part of the guests.

Istria Vip Agency

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