Trends in gastronomy and hospitality change very often. People are fed up with classic restaurant tours and are looking for some different gastronomic experiences.

Private gourmet experiences

Private gourmet experiences have been very popular lately.

The feeling that you can “bring” haute cuisine in the comfort and privacy of your home (eg your own or rented holiday home) sounds good, you have to admit.

One of the most popular such forms are private dinners and private lunches, and the occasion is usually celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, honeymoons, business gatherings

Specifics of private dinners

So far, we have participated in the organization of about 20 private dinners.

Each of them had the same basic elements, with many small specifics.

It was always about cooking at his, usually outdoor space (holiday homes, villas or yachts) where a top chef would prepare food for the guests.

On the other hand, it used to be about fine dining dishes in several courses, and sometimes the dinner would consist of a buffets, catering or grilled dishes. We once had a case when the client wanted us to bring a food truck and prepare street food dishes for the guests of a private dinner.

Sometimes meat is in the foreground, and in other cases fish. It is worth noting the increasing popularity of vegan specialties, which often make up at least part of the menu.

Sometimes guests only want food, and sometimes they want a complete service that includes drinks, cutlery, waiters, tables and chairs, decoration…

Take a look at some of the pictures that will best convey the atmosphere, menu and locations of the private dinners.

Private dinner in a holiday home
Fine dining menu
Grilled meals
Small wedding
Street food snacks

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